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Dental Clinic Antalya Turkey

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Dental Clinic Antalya Turkey

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Dental Clinic Antalya Turkey was established in May 2020 under the name of “Private Ortoperio Antalya Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic” and started to serve. As the “ORTOPERIO” family, our most basic principle is to help our patients regain and maintain a healthy and beautiful smile. For this purpose, patient rights and satisfaction are kept in the foreground, while the highest quality service is provided as soon as possible.

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Ortoperio Antalya Dental Clinic
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You can spend a wonderful teeth tourism with low cost and cheap prices and you can make a dental holiday in Dental Clinic Antalya Turkey
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Dental Clinic Antalya Turkey implant prices also vary a lot in Antalya. The existence of many implant brands to be applied, the different pricing of different models of each brand, the necessity of using grafts or membranes cause serious changes in costs.

There are a number of key factors affecting whether you are suitable for all on 4 dental implant including bone density i.e. enough bone for normal length dental implants to anchor sufficiently to your jaw; oral health i.e. the condition of your natural gums and their ability to heal* or whether you have any other medical conditions that might affect the procedure.

While the Hollywood smile antalya is being performed in Antalya, the limited time causes the treatment options, the techniques applied and the materials used to show more diversity. For this reason, although the price of a hollywood smile in turkey varies considerably in Dental Clinic Antalya Turkey, it is very economical, especially when compared to Europe.​

Your dentist can prepare your tooth and install a temporary crown during one visit and then cement the permanent crown into your mouth during the second visit. Or, you can have a same-day procedure if your dentist has the appropriate technology and equipment to create a zirconia crown in-office.
Laser bleaching, by applying some gel on the teeth, makes the teeth much whiter than they normally should be. Bleaching is often confused with tooth cleaning, but bleaching makes teeth much whiter than their normal color.
Smile Design treatments are custom-tailored to address the unique needs of every patient. Each smile makeover is unique in scope, the overall price of your makeover will depend on the number of procedures included and the types of treatments you choose.
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