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Zirconium diş antalya
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Zirconium Crowns

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Enamel Recontouring

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A rare metal in nature, as from zircon, coupled with oxygen; which can be used safely in dentistry is zirconium dioxide turns into. Zirconia-porcelain restorations, zirconium of tissue and lead to allergies to a compatible material, color and transmission of light due to the proximity of the natural tooth today, has taken the place of porcelain to metal crowns.


Only downside is that cost more than porcelain to metal crowns. However, the lack of color cause problems in the gums, prevent gum recession aesthetic problems on different and non-corrosive thanks to the durable construction, much longer usage period, since it has the disadvantage of this translates to your advantage in the long run. It does not cause allergic reactions because it is more compatible with the teeth and the end of the boundaries, applied metal-supported porcelain restorations in the region is much lower than the possibility of gum disease.


Especially health tourism, the rapid development in Antalya in our city depending on the duration of treatment as short as possible, and our guests happy and satisfied one hundred percent to their country in a way that you send to us are of vital importance.


Computer systems used in dentistry and CAD-CAM technologies in recent years is a serious improvement and zirconium enabled applications quite fast. These treatments can be completed in as short a time as a week. For this reason, many patients from abroad, Antalya, zirconium coating has been the primary choice to get done.


Zirconium coating what is the prices?


Antalya dental veneers prices, Antalya prices dental zirconium, dental lamina prices of Antalya, Antalya zirconium coating prices in Antalya dental veneers prices every day more of the directories to be searched in search engines, such as word, and now also by the patient coatings of zirconium metal-ceramic and costs more than ones that prefer indication that there had been a serious worry. However, each case is special and the cost of treatment will vary from person to person, it should be noted that a lot. Zirconium from time to time, even if they are mostly monolithic sub-structure is used to support material as porcelain restorations. Sometimes the damage to the coating is to be applied depending on the size of zirconium in the teeth, first root canal treatment, fiber post , Composite restoration, even the soft/hard tissue surgical procedures may be necessary. These differences are very serious costs of treatment effects. Best dental banging your head so you will be.  


Monolithic zirconia, what is it?


Monoblock zirconia monolithic ( monolithic) zirconia blocks CAD-CAM systems, prepared by Porcelain on porcelain from the addition of colored and completed the restoration, as there was makyajlanar on to it. Monolithic zirconia crowns are designed and manufactured forms the final in a computer environment, much faster ( in the span of a few days) can be completed. Chipping is called the tensile and fracture in the porcelain layer, is not observed in monolithic zirconia coatings.

High fracture resistance and aesthetic look very natural with this new generation of zirconium crowns, foreign troubling, especially in patients with reduced vertical dimension in the presence of a long bridge or a result of wear the cases are often applied.



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