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Enamel Recontouring

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Antalya diş implant

Implants are artificial tooth roots that are biocompatible with the body, which are placed in the mouth to restore the function and aesthetics of missing teeth or teeth. These titanium screws allow the removal of missing teeth without damaging the patient's own teeth.

Missing teeth gums and the bone the implant is made before the adequacy of radiological and clinical examination in the area is controlled by. The other dental implant treatment is not very difficult to be done under local anesthesia application area is numbed and the patient feeling any pain without a surgical operation is completed. The long-term success before and after the operation to secure the protection of the health of the gums is very important. The patient's general dental care, high care, especially immediately after operation because they may increase the risk of infection and delay healing should not be used by non.

One of the important factors that affect the success of implant therapy is the quality of the existing bone. The width and height of the bone must be appropriate to permit the implant to be placed.

In cases does not have enough bone for the implant bone volume can be increased by applying advanced surgical techniques. For this purpose, synthetic or organic bone grafts from the patient as bone dust can be planted in otojenik can also be used. In some cases a 3-6 month wait after the implant new bone formation, while in some cases, implants can be placed in the same session. Following the construction of the implant, a bone with monthly to bond with radiological and clinical controls, is controlled. 3-6 months begins at the end of the construction of the upper denture.

 After the implant is in, so we must continue to show high attention to oral hygiene, regular tooth brushing and dental checkups should not be hindered by having. If necessary, extra cleaning must be performed with the help of equipment such as oral and dental floss.In situations where the implant is not well taken care of perimplantitis around the implant and the soft tissue called bone loss results and this may cause the implant knows. Smoking and uncontrolled diabetes in implant applications is very important. Under the control non-diabetic patients in bone and tissue healing would be slow because of the patient's diabetes doctor after gaining control, the use of implants would be more appropriate.

Dental Implants in Antalya many foreign patients from abroad to do at home. This the most important reason for Antalya Implant Prices especially when compared with Europe and America is that it is more economical. All on 4 implant and All pre-implant 6 as such, instant download by solutions and none of the patients with edentulous left where there's constant temps reasons to be entered into the recovery period Antalya implant the first choice of many overseas patients who are willing to.

Dental Implant Prices in Antalya it also varies a lot. The presence of the implant to be applied a lot of the brand, each brand has different models, different pricing, lead to significant changes in costs, the necessity of using graft or membrane.

It is very important to be trained and experienced physician to implement the implant. Patients who decided to have the implant so, in this sense, it is vital that you meet with the doctor to do a good research and right.

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