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All-on-four implant
All-on-four implant

What is all-on-four implant , all-on-six implant ?

For all pre-implant treatment concept, or the remaining patients without any teeth that need to be taken of the teeth, jaw surgery and the completion of four per day by applying the same fixed temporary prosthesis is inserted into the jaw where the full technique. Aesthetics, function, and provides high patient satisfaction for fonasyon quickly gained back confidence.

Completely edentulous jaw with implants traditional various points during the process, 8-10 simultaneous implant is removed, all on 4 implants in the anterior region 2 Region 2 rear angled upright treatment is sufficient for implant placement. This allows the frame to be completed in the cost of treatment is more economical.

Your teeth actually a purpose that is invisible, too, serves: hard they help to keep the jaw bones. The bones of the jaw without tooth roots begins to Melt. When applied to the implant and the jaw bone is stimulated its volume are easier to maintain.

Following tooth loss, the back regions; the upper jaw and the tongue of the overhang , the lower jaw implant surgery in the mandibular nerve, the traditional approach to the problems are situations that bothers me most. Before an implant can be placed with appropriate diameter and length, depends on the existence of sufficient bone volume. The resorbed bone is melted so advanced surgical techniques in cases in this volume should be increased. This will cause prolongation of treatment time and the increase of the cost. Thanks to the quality of bone implants that are placed on all four is better angle to areas where the concept of the implant to patients faster, more economical and aesthetic solutions.

What is the all on four implant treatment ?

Primarily from patients panoramic X-ray and CT images reviewed, and the results of clinical examination of the planning is done. The measurement is taken and a temporary prosthesis is prepared from the patient prior to surgery. If you are the last teeth to implants placed during surgery to be pulled and they pulled, and the denture is fixed onto the implants has been prepared temporary. Three months later, the patient was prepared and permanently attached to the permanent prosthesis.

What is the difference between all on four implant and all on six implant system ?

These treatments are similar to each other and aims to achieve similar results. All-on-4 and all-on-6 dental implants is the main difference between the number of implants that are placed in the mouth. Some dentists, all-on-6 dental procedure provides a foundation believes that to the back of the prosthesis is more powerful and stable. Even some of the load 6 is placed on the implant and the implant are moved by a very large 2 front 2 rear believes that. However, with 10 years of published academic studies of the lower jaw implants, all on 4 in the pursuit of success rate of about 95% is the upper jaw and 5-year follow-up at 100% and all 4 front and all pre-6 applications between the long-term success it has been proven that the difference in not statistically significant.

All pre-front all 4 or 6 implants prices

All ten four, or six to ten in almost every patient implant prices all vary. This difference in the number of implants , denture and prosthetic material at the top and the upper teeth the number of teeth varies depending on the surgical procedure that will be applied.

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